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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! Thank goodness I stayed up pretty late last night wrapping allo f Ava's presents ( thanks Grammy for ALL the help! ) Usually I am up late on Christmas Eve wrapping , so it feels good to have it all done.
I really hope everyone is happy...it is so hard when you have so many people to buy for. I really just tried to concentrate on Aves, and I still feel like I didn't get her enough. There is this CUTE Little Einstein set at Target that I know she would LOVE to have, but it was 40 bucks, we are pretty much BROKE so I had to refrain from buying it today.
We went to Morgantown Mall yesterday with Grammy and Aunt Penny. I really LOVE that mall, it was my first time there and it isn't far from here at all! Aves was really good, she walked because we forgot her stroller. She did well, only had to carry her a few times. I was really surprised she didn't try to run away.
They had a huge play area for the kids, so we let her go in it. It was really sad to see her so afraid of other children. She cried and wanted to leave but we stuck it out and eventually she got a little used to it and walked around, played with some of the stuff. She generally looked scared ( though Aunt Penny didn't want us saying that ;p ). Makes me wonder what she is going to do in pre school...other kids WILL be there, I don't want her to be somewhere she is afraid of .

Well I will be back with pictures from our Christmas Eve later!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

There is nothing like...

It being mid December, a winter storm watch is in effect and dancing around the bedroom to "Frosty the Snowman" with your 2 year old. Twirling around the room seemingly without a care or worry in the world, the giggles and laughter as Mommy bellows out the lyrics to Frosty, then tumbling to the ground in a big tickle fest. A great way to spend the morning!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can she talk?

We went to AppleBees for dinner this evening and the FIRST thing the guy who seats you asked was So can she talk? Umm. Ok lol I know this is HARMLESS....a little harmless question, but for some reason I froze. I looked at him with a smile, and said the first thing that came to mind. I said "ummm kinda" and shook my hand back and forth. He said "kinda?" and bent down to her and said Hi! So I nudged Ava and said SAY Hi Aves! And she did. So she kinda does talk, but jeesh....i know this wouldn't of bothered me under normal circumstances, and maybe I am just crazy. It is not that it really bothered me, but we get it so much. The nice waiter lady came up and said the most FAMOUS question of all... "Whats your name?!" Honestly I know Ava knows she is Ava, but she doesn't understand that question. So of course I give her a second and answer for her.
Just to clarify I am not mad, it is just funny how if I had never heard of Autism, or had to deal with a speech delay It wouldn't of bothered me. I love when people pay attention to Ava. Maybe I should make that my opportunity to raise awareness for Autism.

We haven't had speech in two weeks. The first week she canceled then I had to cancel, and then it snowed and she couldn't make it. Ava is doing really good, especially when we tell her to say things..she will say it. I remember them telling me around 2 1/2 -3 years of age is when that window opens and that she would have a language explosion. Well it's not an explosion but it is coming. I get really sad when she IS trying to say something that is MORE than one word and it comes out all wrong. Example...Night night Dada. Comes out night night GUNK GUNK..the last part through her nose. Then she will do it again and again. And she WAS saying dada..but now its gaga. So much to worry about. I often wonder if there is something more going on in that brain of hers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mama mama mama!!!

Oh how sweet that sound is! Finally. 28 months later, she looked right at me and said "Mama". It is so funny how parents of special needs children proceed with caution even when something GREAT happens. At first I was in disbelief. Then she did it again, and I have even heard it today. My heart is overjoyed. I can not begin to tell you how much it means to me to hear THAT word.
Her little voice is just so sweet. I have to tell you the story of todays "mama". I was outside messing with Christmas decorations, and I must of left the door open a little. Next thing I know I hear "MAMA MAMA MAMA" And I look up and she is peeking out the door with the biggest smile on her face. Oh she just melts my heart. It was so cute, I wish I would of had my camera.

Needless to say I am SO in love with my daughter!

Leaving you with some Christmas pictures...