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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Camera

For my birthday I got the Canon 40d!! I am so excited! I waited all day for the UPS man to come, and by the time he got here the sun had started to go down and so I didn't get a chance to take many pictures.

My rebel has been broke off and on and I haven't gotten to take many pictures lately. I was really in a slump! I am happy to have the 40d, I've been DREAMING of having it since I started to outgrow my Rebel. My Rebel wasn't working anyways, so I am going to send it out to get fixed and keep it as my back up camera.

I am getting my business license this week..I am so happy to finally be able to move forward with my photography business. Finally!! I felt like I couldn't do that with just my Rebel, but now that I have this new, awesome camera my business will soon be starting!

I really do need a month or so to get back into the groove and learn the 40d, it has so many features that my Rebel does not have.

These pictures aren't the greatest, but I had only had my camera for about 3 hours before I took these ;) I am trying to get used to the new focal points, and needless to say my BIGGEST issue right now is FOCUS..and I never had a problem with that before..practice practice practice!!

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